Baby Photographer Reading

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Baby Photographer Reading

Chloe’s 1st Birthday Photoshoot.

Louise and Dan have been coming to me for their baby photography for 3 years now. This was their 5th baby photoshoot and it has been a privilege to be a part of this family’s lives. Despite moving further from each other and they are now in Reading and my studio (once in reading) is now in Eversley near Wokingham, they still make the journey to come and have me as their baby photographer.

I have watched the children grow from cute little bouncing babies to beautiful young girls. Today was Chloe’s 1st Birthday photoshoot. We had so much fun blowing bubbles, smashing cakes, picking flowers and jumping around (and on the bed, naughty. lol)

As a Baby photographer I try to capture the children’s personalities and make it an enjoyable experience that the children will never forget. I love how comfortable Lily is with me now I have photographed her throughout her development from baby to young lady.


It’s families like this and fun photography sessions like this that are the reasons why I love my job! It fills me with pride and happiness to know I have brought joy and so many lovely memories to people. Today Louise was telling me how most of the photos they use as presents, and to decorate their home are photos I have take of them. I wonder if they know that they have touched my life as much as I have theirs. I can’t wait to see them again next spring.


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