Boudoir Photographer Reading

October 15, 2019 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 comments
Boudoir Photographer Reading

I had the absolute honour of meeting this beautiful confident woman to create a really special set of photographs for her. M wanted create a set of photographs to embrace this time in her life. To encapsulate her confidence and celebrate her body and a boudoir photoshoot is something she had long thought about doing.

Reading Boudoir Photography Studio

M was confident and elegant. It was so inspiring to see. Most people come with some nerves or anticipation, but what I got from M was excitement and she was so proud of her stunning future! (why wouldn’t she be!?) But, personally, as a woman who has just had her second child I can say it’s hard to do for yourself, to be proud of yourself and celebrate your own frame. She really made me feel so inspired to be around such a happy person with her own stories to tell and being able to draw from her life experiences.

It’s so empowering to meet women at different points of their life coming in for a photoshoot. Some in their 20’s just about to get married. Some before they have children. Most are actually in their 40’s who have got their lives back after children and some like M are embracing their 50’s and 60’s. I’m proud of every single one of them.

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