Children’s Model Portfolio Reading

November 5, 2019 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 comments
Children’s Model Portfolio Reading

Alex booked me to produces a children’s model portfolio for her daughter Olivia who is not only a beauty, but also a very talented young actress. Olivia is interested in taking the next step with her acting by getting an agency to promote her for extra and modelling work.

Olivia had never been in a photoshoot like this before. But she took to it so naturally from the start, following direction well and bringing her personality out. I often get asked to great model portfolio’s for children who are interested in becoming models or emerging models. It was so much fun working with Olivia. She is one of the youngest female models I’ve worked with, but she had the ability to project both a younger and much older personality in front of the lens.

Olivia is a very diverse young lady and this shows in her portfolio. I’m sure she will do really well in the modelling and acting industries.

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