Dance Photography

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Dance Photography

Dessie is one of the Senior dance pupils at Berkshire and Henley Dance School (for which I am Principal). She is a truly gifted dancer at only 11 years old she is dancing in our senior Modern and Street Dance class with 13-15 year olds. Her passion is lyrical, Contemporary and Ballet. During this shoot I wanted to put her skills in motion and capture some of her grace and beauty.

Dance Photography in the Autumn Woods – One Life Studio
Arabesque – Dance Photography – One Life Studio

We shoes a beautiful quiet location on s sunny autumn day. The feathery ash grass and the delicate autumn leaves make the perfect setting to capture her in all her glory.

Beautiful Dancer Portfolio – One Life Studio
Ballet Dancer in the Woods – One Life Studio
Retire with flowers – One Life Studio

Dance photography is all about the photographer and the dancer working in harmony to capture that perfect moment. It takes a huge amount of strength, stamina and flexibility to hit each position. So the photographer must have the focus, light and camera angle ready to capture the shot in as few takes as possible. This is where being a dancer myself and owning a dance school comes in handy! I know how to correct the dancer to create the best photograph that captures their beauty and it helps we also speak the same lingo.

Boho Dancer Outdoors – One Life Studio
Split Leap – One Life Studio

It’s hard work being a dancer and you have to be incredibly disciplined. What’s even harder is dance on grass…in boots…in jeans…and using a prop. I don’t want to make it too easy for her. I love to get the best out of my dancer and I know how much potential each dancer has and how hard to push them. And of course I let them have a rest. Lol.

Wiped out – relaxing in the sun – One Life Studio

Flower arrangements supplied by Dream Day Designs. Hair and Makeup by Melissa Clare Hair and Makeup

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