Bluebell Photoshoot Eversley

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Bluebell Photoshoot Eversley

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I met this beautiful family at Eversley Christmas fundraiser and they loved my photos so much they snapped up the chance at having a Bluebell Photoshoot with their little ones.

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It was the most perfect afternoon, the sun was shining and little Sofia loved skipping amongst the bluebells searching for fairies. Lewis was adorable in his little outfit and so photogenic, as are his adorable parents who are expecting their third child. I can’t wait for Yvette’s next photoshoot. I have been given the privilege of doing three photoshoots for them from Bump to Baby and I can’t wait. I have loved every second of working with this kind and happy family.

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Sofia felt so comfortable being photographed by me, by the end she was walking through the woods holding my hand chatting away to me as we made our way back to the studio through this enchanting forest

To see more of the Tolsen Family Bluebell photoshoot visit our bluebell page.

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