Bump to Baby Photographer Camberley

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Bump to Baby Photographer Camberley

baby photographer CamberleyI was thrilled when Lisa and Colin came back to me for their pregnancy photographs. Being a baby photographer is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Even more so when a previous client has returned to me. I photographed Lisa and Colin’s wedding at Warbrook House and it is such a privilege to asked to be their bump to baby photographer too.


bump to baby photographer camberley

There are some clients I work with who stay with you forever. Lisa and Colin are two of those, whose photoshoots stay with me and are as much as part of my happy memories as I am capturing theirs. Lisa and I now share a special bond, a lovely cherished moment in time that has coincided with one another. We are both expecting our first child. Both are girls and are due just weeks apart. It’s been lovely to share this moment with one of my clients and to bond with her as a friend and fellow mother to be.

bump photographer camberley

I’m looking forward to being a part of Lisa and Colins journey into parenthood and so pleased that after their wedding and upon their return from Qatar, they thought of me as their first point of call to have some pregnancy photographs.

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