Baby Shoot Reading – Super Hero in the making

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Baby Shoot Reading – Super Hero in the making




This scrumptious boy came to the studio for his final Baby club photoshoot. His super hero themed photoshoots have been epic!!


Mum Andie and Dad Chris have been clients of mine for 10 years since I first met them as their wedding photographer. They have since had 6 photoshoots with me and it has been the most amazing experience to watch their family grow. They are now such dear friends and I feel so lucky to meet such kind caring people through my job.




This family have seen me through my company from the very beginning when I met them in Reading to take on the job as their wedding photographer. I had been a wedding photographer for someone else for two years, but there’s was one of my first weddings I had under my own company…One Life Studio!! Ten years on I’m as busy as ever (I don’t know how I fit it all into my life, but I love it so I do) and this amazing couple are still with me…testament to how much they have enjoyed my photoshoots and the photographs.

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