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Beautiful Family Portraits Berkshire – Cherished memories.
October 11, 2021 by Mel Webb In Blog 0 Comments

Your little one grows up in a flash. Family photographs capture a moment in time when they are easily wrapped up in your arms and they are without a care in the world. This little bubbly girl came for her photoshoot with her Mummy and Daddy and what a delight she was to photograph. Her parents were looking for a relaxed family portrait sitting to update their collection of beautiful photographs at home. Playtime is the best time Nora had a lovely time playing with toys and posing beautifully for the camera. She is sweet darling who loved nothing more than cuddles with Mummy and Daddy or her Bunny. It was the perfect family portrait session filled with laughter and making new memories together. Nora instantly felt relaxed in the studio. She was happy to explore and be herself. This helped to capture the most natural expressions, in which we can see her shine. Outfit choices is key The family dressed in co-ordinating white t-shirts. This keeps the imagery clean and makes their interactions and captured expressions the main focus of their photographs. I hope to see them again and see how much little Nora has grown into a charming […]

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Dance Photography
November 30, 2020 by Mel Webb In Blog 0 Comments

Dessie is one of the Senior dance pupils at Berkshire and Henley Dance School (for which I am Principal). She is a truly gifted dancer at only 11 years old she is dancing in our senior Modern and Street Dance class with 13-15 year olds. Her passion is lyrical, Contemporary and Ballet. During this shoot I wanted to put her skills in motion and capture some of her grace and beauty. We shoes a beautiful quiet location on s sunny autumn day. The feathery ash grass and the delicate autumn leaves make the perfect setting to capture her in all her glory. Dance photography is all about the photographer and the dancer working in harmony to capture that perfect moment. It takes a huge amount of strength, stamina and flexibility to hit each position. So the photographer must have the focus, light and camera angle ready to capture the shot in as few takes as possible. This is where being a dancer myself and owning a dance school comes in handy! I know how to correct the dancer to create the best photograph that captures their beauty and it helps we also speak the same lingo. It’s hard work being […]

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Outdoor Boho style Location Photoshoot
November 27, 2020 by Mel Webb In Blog 0 Comments

The day before lockdown 2.0 I had the absolute pleasure of photographing these two sisters for a Boho inspired Autumn portrait sitting. The light was absolutely stunning and the leaves a perfect golden backdrop for our photoshoot. A makeover photoshoot makes a unique birthday gift for any teenage girl. Dessie and Lottie had their hair and makeup done before the photoshoot by Melissa Clare Makeup and Hair. Their makeovers were outstanding. Lottie’s should length hair was transformed into beautiful braids and both of them had makeup that complimented their skin tone, eye colour and (at 11 and 13) most importantly their age. It was a lovely experience for the sister, spending time with each other and just enjoying each others company. They brought lots of outfits with them which complimented the setting. Pretty florals or dresses and skirts with small patterns work well to create a boho feel teamed with leather ankle boots and Fedoras. We were so lucky to have our flower arrangements donated to us to use for the photoshoot by the incredibly talented Amanda at Dream Day Designs who supply faux flower arrangements for weddings, parties and any special occasion. Here the girls are wearing beautiful little […]

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Autumnal Family Portraits
November 24, 2020 by Mel Webb In Blog 0 Comments

Autumn is my favourite time of year. The warm low light and the golden leaves make the best backdrop for fun, relaxed happy family photographs. Being based in Eversley, Hampshire, I am so blessed to have an abundance of beautiful backdrops in my local area and in my neighbouring towns Wokingham, Reading and Crowthorne too. L and T are previous clients of mine, but this time they brought their little girl C with them for her first family portrait sitting. With Covid 19 and the government restrictions we made the most of the great outdoors. C loved looking at the beautiful colours and feeling the texture of the leaves. At only 5 months old she was especially alert for a baby of her age and was fascinated by the glimmering light between the shimmering leaves. We brought a selection of props with us to set the scene. The orange pumpkins brought out the blue colour of C’s eyes and were useful to prop C up in her adorable Burgundy dress and knitted sweater. Colours are so important when photographing on location. The choice of clothing and especial it’s colours and patterns/textures can enhance and compliment the scene. A carefully chosen […]

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Wild and Free – Boho Location Portrait Sitting
November 18, 2020 by Mel Webb In Blog 0 Comments

This Autumn I have had so many wonderful portrait sittings on location. Covid 19 has made working as a photographer more challenging, but also given the opportunity to be more creative. I have explored new locations and come up with new ways of photographing my clients on location. On a crips October afternoon we ventured out to a beautiful meadow in Surrey to take some boho inspired photographs of my daughters and their friend from dance class. I wanted to create a carefree environment and make the most of the warm autumn light. The children really enjoyed exploring nature and my little one especially loved running through the meadow with a big girl. The flowers were kindly provided to me by Amanda at Dream Day Designs. They specialise in natural looking faux flower arrangements for weddings and other occasions. We styled the outfits choosing delicate floral prints in dusky shade of pinks and blue. Then used the flower arrangements delicately in their hair and a flower crown on a hat. The sweet little chair is a piece I have a had for many years. I find it the perfect size for photographing toddlers and small children. To see more examples […]

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Autumn Family Portraits – Samuel’s Second Birthday
September 29, 2020 by Mel Webb In Blog 0 Comments

Autumn is my favourite time of year. The colours of the trees and the beautiful warm low light. This family portrait was a very special one as it was their last in a set of 3 for their son B2B club membership. The Jones family have been coming to me for their photoshoots since 2012 when Lisa and Colin booked me for their wedding. Since then we have had countless photoshoots together, including three to celebrate the development of their daughter Olivia and now three more to commemorate their son’s milestones too. They chose a newborn photoshoot, a first birthday photoshoot and a preschool photoshoot to show the stages of his early years from the five categories offered within their package. It was a beautiful crisp autumn day, all be it a little chilly, with soft cloud cover producing a lovely even light. The children didn’t mind the cold (and neither did we). We had fun playing in the leaves and splashing in the stream, playing poo sticks and having rides on daddy’s shoulders. Lisa had put together a beautiful wardrobe for the family which complimented the background perfectly. The photograph above of Samuel captures the grey hews of the […]

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What to expect when you choose a Professional Wedding Photographer
July 28, 2020 by Mel Webb In Blog 0 Comments

So what is one of the biggest differences between a Professional Photographer and an Amateur? They cost more. Yes they will it’s a fact, but let me explain why. The amount of time they will spend on your wedding will be considerably different. The time spent getting to know you and making sure the day is YOUR day from start to finish, on the day they will be framing each photograph so that it flatters you and being observant on the job to capture those opportune moments. They spend a considerable amount of time after the wedding too editing each photo individual removing that fly that landed on the dress, the bogies on the sleeve of your page boys suite. In post production they will be correcting light, exposure, colour temperature. The list is long! Experience. Professional photographer’s photograph weddings as their job, so they have a lot more experience in carrying out the job. We know how to approach a group of guests who are camera shy and coax them out for a group photo. We know how to get the ushers onside and keep them feeling useful. We know how to reassure the mother of the bride when […]

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