Pregnancy Photoshoot Eversley

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Pregnancy Photoshoot Eversley


Pregnancy photoshoots are among one of my favourite types of photoshoot.


Vick loved my style of pregnancy photos, after seeing Yvette’s photos taken by me earlier this month.  Vick was really keen on having a natural photoshoot that highlighted the bond between her children and was simple and elegant. She loved the way I use natural light to create different effects from striking silhouettes to soft halos that wrap around the bump and dart through her hair. Fortunately we were amazingly lucky with the weather and the light poured through the studio windows perfectly.



Vick chose soft pastel colours for the main part of her shoot and her hair down, catching the light beautifully. Later on we tried some slightly artier shots, but in keeping the elegant feel, but much more stylised.



Vick was thrilled at the results of our session together, so much so she told her husband when she got home that evening that she had ‘the perfect photograph’ of herself.

bump-photographer-wokingham bump-photographer-wokingham-9

I myself feel so blessed to be a part of this families journey and can’t wait to see this family grow from four to five.




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