Boudoir Photographer Hampshire

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Boudoir Photographer Hampshire

I met Donna last week for her boudoir shoot. She entered and I could see a beautiful bright and bubbly person who wasn’t shy, but had not confidence in herself. It was her partner who inspired her to have a boudoir photoshoot. Donna looked for a boudoir photographer in hampshire and her search lead her to my photography studio near wokingham. Despite her living so away on the other side of Farnborough she decided it was worth the commitment as she loved my website and my work. We spoke via email and we connected immediately she she walked through the door.

As the shot progressed I could see Donna’s confidence growing. Donna said it helped that I was a female boudoir photographer, but also that I was so easy going and spent the time with her to get the perfect photographs at her own pace. We had so much fun and laughed throughout the shoot. Donna told me she didn’t want it to end, she loved it so much and when she left I hugged a different woman, one that was confident, glowing and proud of herself.

Donna came to view her photos, excited and nervous I think she was worried she may not like the photographs, but to her surprise she loved all of them. Together we narrowed the photos dow to her favourite final selection and created a beautiful portfolio box to give her partner on his birthday. It was down to Paul that Donna had the confidence to do this for herself. Donna left the viewing having learnt to love herself again and seeing the beautiful woman that we all see everyday.

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