Boudoir Photographer Reading
October 15, 2019 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

I had the absolute honour of meeting this beautiful confident woman to create a really special set of photographs for her. M wanted create a set of photographs to embrace this time in her life. To encapsulate her confidence and celebrate her body and a boudoir photoshoot is something she had long thought about doing. M was confident and elegant. It was so inspiring to see. Most people come with some nerves or anticipation, but what I got from M was excitement and she was so proud of her stunning future! (why wouldn’t she be!?) But, personally, as a woman who has just had her second child I can say it’s hard to do for yourself, to be proud of yourself and celebrate your own frame. She really made me feel so inspired to be around such a happy person with her own stories to tell and being able to draw from her life experiences. It’s so empowering to meet women at different points of their life coming in for a photoshoot. Some in their 20’s just about to get married. Some before they have children. Most are actually in their 40’s who have got their lives back after children […]

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Headshots and Corporate photography Hook, Hampshire
October 6, 2019 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beauty this week. And made a lovely friend in the process. It’s funny how a friendship can start with a 30 min shoot.

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6 month Baby Photoshoot Hampshire
October 6, 2019 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Ellie brought the gorgeous Marley Rae to the studio fo some relaxed mummy daughter photos for her 6 month birthday. Marley Rae and Ellie Looked absolutely gorgeous in matching outfits with a chic boho feel. I had so much fun with these two beautiful ladies. We went to a meadow near Hartley Whintney and went for a wander. The location was perfect for their photoshoot with dainty little buttercups, the irises around the duck pond and soft leaves of the weeping willow.

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Summer Photoshoots with One Life Studio
September 14, 2019 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

At One Life Studio we have had a fantastic summer capturing your family photographs in so many wonderful locations. I’ve blogged my clients images, but so rarely blog my own. So here is a taste of what we have been up to this summer.

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Bluebell Photoshoot Eversley
May 24, 2019 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Alice brought her two gorgeous children to the bluebell woods for some very special photographs. We had so much fun pretending to be wizards, looking for fairies and climbing tree stumps. The children were a dream to work with, absolutely adorable. I’m so fortunate to have the bluebell woods right behind the photography studio in Eversley. It’s a beautiful place for me to capture some treasured memories for families and for the children to have lots of fun in the process.

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1st Birthday Cake Smash Tilehurst
December 11, 2018 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

This gorgeous boy came in for his 1st Birthday cake smash with his big sister Olivia and Mummy and Daddy. I have been photographing the Jones family for years and already this is their 5th family portrait sitting with me.      I first met samuel for his Newborn shoot a year ago. And he has grown up into such a cheeky, handsome boy.   Samuel was so bubbly and confident in the studio. And he absolutely LOVED his cake, once his sister showed him what to do. You may remember reading about Olivia’s cake smash two years ago. Well now she is a professional cake smasher and showed Samuel just how much fun it is.       We carried through a planes and travel theme within Samuels photoshoots. And Bright colours too. I can’t wait to see samuel again for his 2nd birthday.  

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First Birthday Cake Smash Winnersh
December 9, 2018 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

It has been an absolute pleasure to photograph this little lady through her first year. Lottie was back with her mummy and daddy for her first birthday photoshoot.   The family are from Winnersh so not far from me at all and I”ve been photographing Charlie-Ann and Ryan since their engagement. I was given the honour of being their wedding photographer and now I’ve spent the last year capturing their growing family. Lottie is a photographers dream, confident and happy, she made the perfect subject. She absolutely loved her mummies home made birthday cake and got truly stuck in, throwing cake around and clapping her hands. Lottie also showed her gentle side reading stories to her teddies and playing delicately with flowers. I even got some gorgeous snuggly cuddles at the end which is the best reward I could receive as it showed she had a lovely time. She reached up to me unprompted for a cuddle. I was so touched. xxx

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First Birthday Cake Smash Camberley
December 2, 2018 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Emma and Tom brought their beautiful daughter Orla to the studio today for her First Birthday Cake Smash and what a way to spend your first birthday. Orla was so comfortable in front of the camera and very happy immediately to crawl over to me. She was full of smiles and cheeky giggles. Orla really enjoyed playing with the flowers and was so dainty with her cake smash. She soon got the hang of it and enjoyed smashing the cake with a spoon. It was such a pleasure to photograph Orla on her birthday and I hope to meet this lovely family again.    

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Makeover Photoshoot Crowthorne
September 15, 2018 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Isabella was given a makeover photoshoot for her 13th birthday from her dad Fred. What a heartfelt gift from a father to a daughter and something she which will fill her with confidence throughout her teen years. Isabella came in looking like a teenager would, a little quiet, yet bubbling with excitement, armed with a selection of new clothes. She has such beautiful features, but still looked fairly young with flowing long hair and doe eyes, like a disney princess. She had a clear idea of what she wanted from her makeover and so Melissa set to work.        The transformation was astounding. Gone was the shy teenage girl that first came into the studio and she emerged like a butterfly, bright and confident with such presence. She had flourished in the two hours she was at the studio, there was so much pride and conviction in her movements. She stood taller with her shoulders pulled back like a peacock who had seen her beautiful colours for the first time.   I could see how proud Fred was of his daughter. I hope this is the start of something big for Isabella. It was great bonding time for them […]

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Woodland Photoshoot Bracknell
September 10, 2018 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

  This gorgeous family came to the studio for a woodland shoot. Caleb who is only only one year old was a natural in front of the camera, such a chilled out little dude with the most angelic look and sweet little personality. He and his teddy bear explored the woodland together, climbing trees, picking up sticks and playing hide and seek with mummy and daddy. It was such a fun relaxed photoshoot and the photographs are absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see a photo of their frame up in their new house. Here’s a few they chose from their session.      

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