Boudoir Photographer Crowthorne

January 5, 2020 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 comments
Boudoir Photographer Crowthorne

I just love doing boudoir shoots for Christmas presents. Clients are always full of excitement and love. It’s such a romantic time of year.

R came to the studio, no makeup, hair down and was simply beautiful. She brought with her a very limited selection of outfits, but they were all she needed. Boy they were an amazing selection and she was very confident with posing, taking direction and moving through from one position to the next with ease.

Boudoir photography is a double gift. It not only shows your partner how much you love them in your simplest purest form, but also is a hugely liberating experience. It’s so easy to be critical of out own bodies. A boudoir shoot whether for ourselves or as a gift for someone else is a great way to remind ourselves of how beautiful we are, to see bodies through another eyes and celebrate our curves and lines.

R didn’t need a whole load of underwear to create some incredible sensual boudoir photographs. In fact some of my favourites are the ones of her in a fur coat, where there is more of a suggestion of nudity then there is anything on show.

R also brought in some cute little Christmas themed sets. Mariah Carey eat your heart out! She completely rocked the naughty Mrs Claus look and her angel underwear was simple and elegant.

To see more of R’s photos then visit our Boudoir page.

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