Newborn Baby Photographer – One Life Studio – Baby Samuel
January 17, 2018 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

  I’ve been a family photographer for 10 years now and photographed many Newborn babies, but this little boy is extra special to me. I love watching a family grow. I met Colin and Lisa in 2012 when the booked me as their wedding photographer. Lisa and Colin returned to me and asmed me to be their Bump to Baby Photographer in 2015 when they had their beautiful daughter Olivia. I photographed her many times in her first year and my daughter and her became best friend growing up together in front of the lens. A new addition to their family was due in November 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited to meet him.      So today they brought little Samuel to the studio for his Newborn Baby Photshoot. He is absolutely gorgeous and I loved having snuggly newborn baby cuddles with him. He was so good and was comfortable in any position we put him in. They had some beautiful christmas portraits done at the same time to send out as christmas cards.   I’m looking forward to seeing this little man grow up and photographing the changes and memories, just as I did with his sister. I’m […]

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Boudoir Photographer Wokingham
December 17, 2017 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Boudoir Photographer Camberley and Wokingham Gina and Steph came to the studio together for a boudoir shoot for Steph’s Birthday treat. Best friends for many years, the girls came in confident and had an absolute blast. They wanted some photographs for themselves to mark the occasion but also for their husbands for Christmas. They too turns to have their makeover and have their photographs taken. They bounced energy off each other and created some super sassy and super sexy photographs. It wassuch a brilliant session! I think the photographs speak for themselves.   

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Newborn Baby Photographer Reading – Christmas photoshoot
December 17, 2017 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Baby Charlotte’s Newborn Baby Photoshoot    Charlie Ann and Ryan are very special clients to me. I photographed their engagement and wedding and so I was so thrilled that they had a new little addition to their family. They came back to me 3 months ago for their bump pregnancy photoshoot, but they were yet to find out whether they were expecting a boy or girl. I was so happy to hear they had a little girl, Charlotte (Lottie). Lottie is absolutely beautiful!      Charlie came in with her wedding dress and we created this intimate very touching scene using it. Its so lovely to see a daughter sleeping on her mothers wedding dress.            I can’t wait to see how much Charlotte has grown in 6 months when they come back for their next photoshoot as part of their Baby Club Photography Package.      To see more of Charlotte’s photographs visit her album or the newborn photography gallery

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Pregnancy Bump Shoot Reading with Newborn Photographer One Life Studio
December 14, 2017 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Cathy and Tom invited me to their beautiful home in Reading to photograph their gorgeous baby girl Annabelle. Their home made an elegant setting for their photoshoot. It was a calm and relaxing photoshoot, photographing the couple and baby girl in their family home.       We used their furniture, blankets and props to make their photoshoot personal and extra special. They will be able to show 18 year old Annabelle their first family home, how small she was on their parents bed and rooms filled with love and memories.    A Newbon Baby Photoshoot is a very relaxed intimate experience. We take our time to create beautiful images for you to treasure. There is no time restriction, but I normally advise up to 5 hours so that the baby is not too worn out, most sessions taking approximately 3 hours. So if you would like something even more personal and if you have a lovely home with plenty of space, why not opt for an at home Newborn photoshoot session.    To see more of Annabelles Newborn photographs please visit out Newborn Gallery or click here for their facebook gallery.  

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Model Portfolio Berkshire
October 31, 2017 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

Louisa was looking for Model Portfolio photoshoot in order to build a collection to present to potential promo model agencies. She had several different ones in mind each offering different types of work and the portfolio need to reflect this. Louisa had modelled as a child and now wanted to resume the profession. I was so impressed at how she moved with ease, took to direction instantly and I’m certain she will find it easy to find work as a model. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this portfolio will take her. To see Louisa’s full portfolio click here or visit our Model Portfolio Gallery  

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Bump Photographer Winnersh
September 14, 2017 by Mel Webb in Blog 0 Comments

I met Charlie-Ann and Ryan when they booked me as their wedding photographer. Its such a special job to photograph a growing family. It feels like only yesterday I was at Barkham Manor for their engagement shoot. Such a loving and cute couple. I can’t wait to meet little one.    I love the vibrant colours on Charlie’s gown. It draws the eye to that stunning bump. Her main theme was soft greys and whites as that is the colour of baby’s nursery. Charlie and Ryan don’t know the sex of the baby and I think the gentle tones in these photographs will compliment the nursery decor and suit both a boy and a girl. I just love this kissing photograph. I reflects their relationship and shows off Charlie’s figure. She has a great curvy figure and totally rocks pregnancy!! This photo is so striking! Showing off the intimacy of pregnancy. I’m so pleased Charlie and Ryan chose me to be their Bump photographer. I’m so lucky to see their family grow and capture this precious time in their lives.

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Baby Shoot Reading – Super Hero in the making
September 7, 2017 by Mel Webb in 0 Comments

  This scrumptious boy came to the studio for his final Baby club photoshoot. His super hero themed photoshoots have been epic!! Mum Andie and Dad Chris have been clients of mine for 10 years since I first met them as their wedding photographer. They have since had 6 photoshoots with me and it has been the most amazing experience to watch their family grow. They are now such dear friends and I feel so lucky to meet such kind caring people through my job. This family have seen me through my company from the very beginning when I met them in Reading to take on the job as their wedding photographer. I had been a wedding photographer for someone else for two years, but there’s was one of my first weddings I had under my own company…One Life Studio!! Ten years on I’m as busy as ever (I don’t know how I fit it all into my life, but I love it so I do) and this amazing couple are still with me…testament to how much they have enjoyed my photoshoots and the photographs.        

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Cake Smash Surrey
September 5, 2017 by Mel Webb in 0 Comments

Katy brought Thomas along for his first birthday cake smash. I last photographed Thomas when he was only a few days old. What a handsome and happy young man he has grown into. We tried to capture the fun and vibrancy of a toddlers world through bright colours and balloons, but we also wanted a set of photographs they would work with his newborn photographs which had a very rural scottish feel. Thomas certainly had lots of fun and we got some gorgeous photographs. 

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Pregnancy Photoshoot Eversley
August 23, 2017 by Mel Webb in 0 Comments

Pregnancy photoshoots are among one of my favourite types of photoshoot. Vick loved my style of pregnancy photos, after seeing Yvette’s photos taken by me earlier this month.  Vick was really keen on having a natural photoshoot that highlighted the bond between her children and was simple and elegant. She loved the way I use natural light to create different effects from striking silhouettes to soft halos that wrap around the bump and dart through her hair. Fortunately we were amazingly lucky with the weather and the light poured through the studio windows perfectly.   Vick chose soft pastel colours for the main part of her shoot and her hair down, catching the light beautifully. Later on we tried some slightly artier shots, but in keeping the elegant feel, but much more stylised.   Vick was thrilled at the results of our session together, so much so she told her husband when she got home that evening that she had ‘the perfect photograph’ of herself.   I myself feel so blessed to be a part of this families journey and can’t wait to see this family grow from four to five.      

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Bump Photographer Eversley
August 8, 2017 by Mel Webb in 0 Comments

   Yvette came to me to capture this special time in their families journey. Steve and Yvette, are expecting their third child in September and their final member to complete their family. To mark the moment and celebrate her body Yvette wanted a natural and elegant photoshoot. Yvette’s little ones came along for the start of the session. Its clear to anyone seeing these photos how close and loving this family are. By using natural light I was able to create thet soft gentle atmosphere that Yvette wanted in her photographs. We also tried something a little more extravagant and used the stunning scarf her mother had given her as a wrap to highlight Yvette’s beautiful curves. The scarf will be a theme in each of Yvette’s bump to baby photographs. I can’t wait to meet baby, another gorgeous little heartbreaker in Eversley, watch this space.

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